The Scott Luther Gold and Silver Express

Tune-in to the #1 Gold and Silver Show Airing Coast-to-Coast!

City (metro area) Station Local Air Time
Austin, TX

KLGO The Word 1490 AM

KJCE 1370AM Talk Radio

6–7 PM (M-F)

8-9 AM (Sun)

Dallas, TX

KVCE AM 1160 – DFW’s Business Authority

6–7 PM (Mon–Fri)

Wichita Falls, TX KWFS AM 1290 News Talk 12-1pm(Sun)
Chicago, IL Freedom 1530AM WCKG 11am-noon (Sat)
Temple, TX

KTEM AM 1400 News Radio

6:30am-7am (Sun) 10am-11am (Sun)

Phoenix, AZ KFNX News-Talk Radio 1100 AM

Noon-1PM (Mon, Tues, Thurs)

6-7PM (Sat, Sun)

Atlanta, GA WGST 640 AM

7:30am -8am (Sat)

Pittsburgh, PA WWNL AM 1080


Indianapolis, IN WBRI AM 1500 Christian Talk

2-3 pm (Mon-Fri)

Denver-Fort Collins, CO KRCN AM 1060

6am-7am (Mon-Fri)

11-12pm (Mon-Fri)

Lexington/Keene, KY 99.1 FM WJMM Life Changing Radio

11:30am-Noon (Mon)

Des Moines, IA KPSZ AM 940 Praise 11:30am-noon (Mon,Wed,Fri)
York, PA WYYC AM 1250 3pm-4pm (Mon-Fri)

Previously Aired

City (metro area) Station Local Air Time
Atlanta, GA WAFS AM 1190 Biz Talk Previously Aired
Denver, CO


AM 990


Previously Aired
Dallas, TX

KSKY AM 660 The Answer

Previously Aired
Phoenix, AZ KXEG AM 1280
KPXQ AM 1360
Previously Aired
Boca Raton, FL WSBR 740AM MoneyTalk Radio Previously Aired
Pensacola, FL WNVY 1070am Previously Aired
Tampa/Sarasota, FL WLSS AM 930 Previously Aired
New York, NY AM 970 The Apple
WMCA 570 AM New York Christian Talk
Previously Aired
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA WITK AM 1550 Previously Aired
Pittsburgh, PA WEDO 810 AM Previously Aired
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN AM 1280 ‘The Patriot’ Previously aired
Huntsville , Alabama WBXR 1140am Previously aired
Little Rock, AR KMTL AM 760 Previously aired
Russellville, AR KWXT AM1490 Previously aired
Houston, TX KNTH AM 1070 Previously aired
Albuquerque, New Mexico KXKS 1190am Previously Aired
Colorado Springs, CO KREL 1580 AM Previously Aired
Central Washington KTAC FM 93.9 Previously Aired
Spokane, WA KTRW AM 630 Previously Aired
San Diego, CA KCBQ AM 1170 Previously aired
Atlanta, GA WGKA AM 920 Previously aired
Augusta, GA Christian Talk WFAM 1050 AM Previously aired
Chattanooga, TN WLMR AM 1450 Previously aired
Salinas, CA

KKMC 880am Central Coast Christian Radio

Previously Aired

Kansas City, MO KCNW AM 1380

Previously Aired